“Silent Mask” – Luxury Priced Anti-Eavesdropping Face Mask for Phone Calls

In a world where privacy is at a premium, the “Silent Mask” emerges as a high-end solution, priced exclusively for the affluent.

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Developers at Skyted, a French startup, have recently unveiled their latest product, the “Silent Mask” – a smart face mask with a unique anti-surveillance feature, priced at 599 USD per unit. Designed in collaboration with Airbus, the European Space Agency (ESA), and France’s National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research (ONERA), the Silent Mask offers an innovative solution to the increasing demand for consumer privacy protection.

Key Features:

  1. Effective Anti-Surveillance: Utilizing integrated microphone technology, the Silent Mask captures the wearer’s voice and transmits it to a smartphone via Bluetooth, creating an optimized phone call space with a distinctive anti-surveillance capability.
  2. LEONAR Material Technology: The product employs the LEONAR material technology developed by ONERA, initially designed to reduce the sound of jet engines. This material absorbs up to 80% of the wearer’s voice frequency, reducing the sound level by approximately 25 decibels.
  3. Airy and Convenient Design: The Silent Mask not only combats eavesdropping but also ensures comfort in public communication. The wearer can temporarily mute the call to allow the voice to transmit through the mask’s external speaker. An air circulation system facilitates easy breathing.
Silent Mask price

Convenient Lithium Battery:

The Silent Mask comes equipped with a lithium battery capable of approximately 10 hours of usage on a full 1.5-hour charge, providing convenience for prolonged use.

Price and Accessibility:

The product’s retail price is set at 599 USD. However, users can pre-order the Silent Mask on Indiegogo at a discounted price starting from 249 USD, making it accessible to a diverse market.

The Silent Mask not only meets users’ privacy demands but also delivers an optimal phone call and communication experience. The combination of advanced technology and modern design positions this product as a unique and premium choice in the smart face mask market.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Skyted, Engadget.


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