Lenovo’s Laptop Equipped with Transparent Display: A Fusion of Science Fiction and Modernity

Lenovo continues to showcase its innovation with a new concept product at the Mobile World Congress 2024. The unique laptop, named ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop, offers a sci-fi experience with a translucent 17.3-inch MicroLED screen.

Laptop Lenovo Transparent Display

Translucent MicroLED Display: The borderless MicroLED screen of this laptop can become translucent up to 55% when in black mode and completely turned off. However, when the lights are on, the screen becomes less translucent and eventually turns into a white blurred surface with a brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

Applications in Digital Technical Art: Lenovo suggests that this laptop model could be useful for those working in digital technical art, where they can observe the world behind the screen while creating on the keyboard below. This provides the ability to see and track objects behind the screen, something Tom Butler, Executive Director of the ThinkPad product portfolio at Lenovo, describes as particularly useful.

Touch Keyboard and Artificial Intelligence (AI): In addition to the translucent screen, this laptop model comes with a completely flat touch keyboard. This keyboard can even disappear when users use a stylus to sketch on the drawing surface. Lenovo also integrates artificial intelligence through a camera to recognize objects placed behind the laptop, providing relevant displayed images.

Laptop Transparent Display

Challenges and Prospects: However, integrating a translucent screen into a laptop faces challenges regarding resolution. Lenovo chose a MicroLED panel instead of OLED to overcome the resolution limitations of OLED technology. Although the 720p resolution on a 17.3-inch screen might not seem high, Lenovo believes it is sufficient for easy text reading.

While this is just a concept model with no plans for commercial production, Lenovo hopes the uniqueness of the product will initiate a discussion about the potential applications of this technology. With a blend of science fiction innovation and practical utility, Lenovo continues to lead in introducing novel technological solutions.


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