Apple Vision Pro Review: An Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Glasses with Innovative Experiences.

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When Apple Vision Pro debuted at the WWDC 2023 event, Apple’s VR/AR glasses made a significant impact in the tech community. The product received positive reviews after some experts had hands-on experiences. Read the Apple Vision Pro review to learn more about Apple’s first augmented reality virtual reality glasses!

Design of Apple Vision Pro for Comfortable Wear and Additional Accessories

In terms of design, Apple Vision Pro boasts a sleek style reminiscent of snow goggles with a robust aluminum frame. The front features a curved glass layer for a luxurious look, and the frame is protected with fabric to prevent scratches and cracks during use.

Apple Vision Pro is elegantly designed, utilizing a durable aluminum frame. Source: The Verge.

The interior of Apple Vision Pro features soft padding in two different sizes, accommodating various face shapes. The product comes with the Solo Band head strap, also with soft padding, allowing users to adjust the tightness based on their head size.

Apple Vision Pro has the ability to recognize and quickly respond to the surrounding environment through its camera and sensor system. Source: CNET.

Experiences and Limitations of Apple Vision Pro

Visual Experience:

  • The screen of Apple Vision Pro functions well and swiftly transmits images. However, the limited field of view may create a feeling of looking through binoculars with black edges around the view.
  • Blurring during motion and reduced sharpness in low-light conditions are limitations, making the images appear blurry and challenging to see.

Interaction Experience:

  • The eye and hand tracking system works effectively, enabling interactions such as tapping, dragging, and dropping, similar to iPhone or iPad interactions.
  • A limitation is the requirement to focus on the specific content on the screen for interaction. In case of a selection mistake, users need to look elsewhere and start the interaction again.

Photography Experience:

  • Apple Vision Pro can capture spatial photos using its main camera. However, the image quality is not outstanding due to the small sensor.

VisionOS Operating System and Supported Applications

Apple Vision Pro utilizes the VisionOS operating system, adapted from iPadOS with low latency and adaptive interface for augmented reality. Most applications from iPadOS and iOS can operate on Vision Pro.

However, some popular apps like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are not yet allowed to operate on Apple Vision Pro. Apple focuses on providing a high-quality spatial experience rather than content from these apps.


In summary, Apple Vision Pro is an impressive augmented reality virtual reality product with outstanding simulation features. Despite its limitations, the product introduces a fresh virtual reality experience, showcasing Apple’s innovative spirit. The expected price for Apple Vision Pro is $3,499, with sales starting on February 2, 2024.

Note: This article utilizes information and images from The Verge and CNET.


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