Google Pauses AI Image Generation Feature of Gemini After Historical Inaccuracy Issue

On February 23rd, Google announced the temporary suspension of the artificial intelligence (AI) image generation feature within the Gemini application, following concerns regarding “historical inaccuracies” in the created images.

GG Gemini

This decision came after users on social media raised objections to the AI tool generating images of historical figures, such as influential leaders in U.S. history, with inaccurate skin tones.

Google shared its perspective on social media platform X on February 22nd, acknowledging the capability of generating diverse human models and emphasizing the positive global usage of this feature. However, they also admitted ongoing efforts to improve the tool’s descriptions.

In an update statement on February 23rd, Google confirmed the suspension of Gemini’s human image generation feature and pledged to release an “enhanced” version at the earliest opportunity. This tool was introduced in early February through the Gemini app, formerly known as Bard. At this juncture, with Google striving to keep pace with OpenAI and receiving support from Microsoft, Gemini faces challenges in refining and advancing its features.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from TechCrunch.


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