Poland Develops World’s First Flying Legal Coin

In a pioneering move, the National Bank of Cameroon and the Polish Mint, Mennica Polska, have jointly developed the UFO MP-1766 coin – the world’s first legal flying device.

This remarkable technological wonder is not only legally usable in Cameroon but also holds a considerably higher value than its official face value. With a limited edition of just 510 coins worldwide, the UFO MP-1766 is available for pre-order at around $1,000 USD and was unveiled at a technical forum in Berlin last week, set to be released in the upcoming spring.

UFO MP-1766 coin

The Technological Marvel

The UFO MP-1766 coin, developed by Mennica Polska, is a tiny marvel that introduces the concept of a legal flying coin for the first time. Lukasz Karda, the Director of Production Planning and Technology at Mennica Polska, explained the genesis of the idea, saying, “We assembled a team of experts from various departments, including marketing and production. The idea was spontaneous: ‘Let’s create a flying coin.’ Initially, it seemed like an interesting joke. But as days passed, we realized that we had accomplished the mission. We found the suitable technology, and it worked. The process was smooth, and production proceeded rapidly.”

While the specific details about the technology behind the UFO MP-1766 remain undisclosed, limited information suggests it incorporates a small internal engine activated by a magnetic field generated between the coin and a specially designed structure. This allows the coin to ascend and rotate slowly, resembling a flying saucer.

Features and Future Design

Beyond its ability to ascend and a futuristic design, the UFO MP-1766 also features fluorescent components that glow in the dark, adding an impressive visual effect.

Mennica Polska, the sole private institution authorized to produce coins and investment products in Poland, and the exclusive manufacturer of commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of Poland, has collaborated with a “special” central bank to transform the UFO MP-1766 from a mere flying silver piece into a legal currency.

“We cannot simply create a coin for official circulation, as only the central bank has the authority to issue currency. Therefore, there is a business model of connecting with special foreign banks, in this case, the Bank of Cameroon,” stated Mr. Karda, emphasizing the strategic partnership for legal circulation.

The UFO MP-1766 coin not only marks a historic technological achievement but also exemplifies the innovative strides taken in merging traditional currency with cutting-edge concepts.


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