First Woman to Marry a 3D AI Boyfriend

Spanish performance artist, Alicia Framis (57), is on the verge of becoming the first woman to marry a 3D image created by artificial intelligence, marking a significant breakthrough in human-machine relationships.

dating AI friend, marry AI Friend

Her AI partner, AILex, functions as a chatbot providing virtual companionship and communication, mimicking a relationship. This unique wedding event is part of the “The Hybrid Couple” project, where Framis challenges the boundaries of love and intimacy in the era of AI.

While many view this as a step too far, Alicia Framis believes that loving an AI is an inevitable reality. She emphasizes the empathy of AI and its ability to fill emotional voids, similar to how phones have impacted modern life. Despite differing opinions, Framis’s actions highlight the human-machine relationship and predict new trends in emotional connections with AI globally.

Currently, the dating landscape in China is undergoing transformation with the widespread adoption of AI technology. Apps creating “virtual boyfriends” to meet the emotional needs of urban women are gaining popularity. Applications like Glow by MiniMax, Wantalk, and Weiban from tech giants like Baidu and Tencent attract thousands of users daily.

Dating boyfriend AI app

Current technology trends reflect a profound insight into how AI is changing the way users approach and experience dating in modern society. This trend not only brings technological innovation but also responds flexibly to the diverse needs of the user community, presenting both challenges and opportunities related to security and life pressures.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Aliciaframis.


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