Green Technology: Farm Robot Utilizes Radiation Beams to Combat Mold

mold-resistant robot ICARO, robot icaro x4

In a notable development in sustainable agriculture, a farm robot named ICARO X4, created by Italian equipment manufacturer Maschio Gaspardo, is employing UV-C radiation beams to fend off harmful molds in longstanding Italian vineyards.

Introduction to Robot ICARO X4:

  • ICARO X4, a pioneering farm robot, has been ingeniously designed to autonomously traverse renowned Italian vineyards. It comes equipped with its weather station, automatically gathering information on humidity and temperature to pinpoint the optimal moments for crop management.
mold-resistant robot ICARO, robot icaro x4

Performance and Range:

  • ICARO X4 powered by an electric motor, can cover up to 15 hectares of vineyards, effectively preventing the growth of harmful molds. It significantly reduces the usage of chemical fungicides by 70%. Additionally, ICARO has the capability to operate continuously for 72 hours with the assistance of a diesel engine.

Environmental Advantages:

  • ICARO achieves its tasks without relying on harmful chemicals, thereby minimizing its environmental impact. By utilizing UV-C radiation, ICARO stimulates a biological mechanism, enhancing the crops’ immune defenses. This radiation also effectively disrupts the DNA of pathogens and harmful molds.

Market Presence and Pricing:

  • Maschio Gaspardo introduced ICARO X4 at the World FIRA event, and the robot is already operational in France and Italy. However, the innovative technology comes with a substantial price tag, with each ICARO unit priced at approximately 115,000 euros.

Future Prospects:

  • ICARO represents a significant stride in employing environmentally friendly technology for crop protection. The success of this product foretells potential advancements in the realm of intelligent and sustainable agriculture.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Electrek/Autonews.


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