‘Shock’ Before the Super ‘High-Speed’ Bandwidth of 6G Network

In a promising breakthrough, researchers from Osaka University and IMRA America have announced the results of their study on a single-channel wireless optical transmission, achieving a record-breaking data transfer speed of 240GB/s, paving the way for the unparalleled potential of the 6G network.

6G Network

According to information from TechRadar, the research team successfully utilized Brillouin scattering laser to generate signals at 300GHz for the 6G network. The combination of acoustic and light waves in this laser type produced highly accurate signals, and they established a wireless communication system operating at the 300GHz bandwidth using a signal generator based on this laser on both transmission and reception ends.

Record Speed and Future Targets

The research team achieved a data transmission speed of 240GB/s, setting a new world record. This is currently the highest speed ever achieved globally, and their goal is to quadruple this performance to reach an astonishing speed of 1TB/s. Researchers express optimism about achieving this target by employing channel aggregation techniques and deploying more sensitive receivers, thus opening the door for the next generation of 6G mobile networks.

Research Methodology and Technical Solutions

To achieve such high data transfer speeds, the research team employed the “multilevel signal modulation” method. However, this approach becomes sensitive to disturbances when operating at high frequencies. Addressing this challenge, they integrated online digital signal processing (DSP) to decode and accelerate data transfer.

Statement from the Project Leader

Project leader Tadao Nagatsuma proudly declared, “Our team has achieved a transmission speed on a single channel of 240GB/s. This is the highest transmission speed achieved globally to date, utilizing online DSP.”


This research not only opens up new prospects for the 6G network but also demonstrates the power of wireless optical transmission technology in meeting the ever-growing demand for data transfer speeds in the future. Researchers stand on the verge of elevating the 6G network to new heights with unprecedented data transfer rates.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from TechRadar and eeNews Europe.


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