OPPO Introduces Air Glass 3 Smart Glasses: Unique Fashion Design and AI Assistant Integration

OPPO has recently unveiled the Air Glass 3, a wearable product in the concept stage featuring a fashionable design and integration of an artificial intelligence assistant. Specific release details are yet to be confirmed.

Air Glass 3

Design Excellence: With dimensions similar to regular eyewear, OPPO’s Air Glass 3 has the capability to display color images, touted as the world’s lightest dual-eye AR glasses. Weighing approximately 50g, the glasses are designed for comfortable all-day wear.

OPPO has implemented numerous technical improvements to streamline the frame and provide an immersive experience with a thin transparent display. The plastic waveguide is only 0.88mm thick, transmitting image data from small MicroLED pixels capable of delivering up to 1,000 nits of brightness per eye.

Functionality: The Air Glass 3 includes integrated speakers within the frame, serving both for calls and interactions with applications. The “reverse sound field” technology enhances privacy, making sounds audible only to the wearer. Currently, the Air Glass 3 prototype requires pairing with an Oppo phone running ColorOS 13 or later to function. Control is facilitated through touch panels on the frame.

oppo Glass 3

Artificial Intelligence Assistant: The standout feature of the product is the entirely new AI voice assistant, operating on OPPO’s AndesGPT language model. This artificial intelligence is not embedded in the glasses but requires pairing with an app on a smartphone for interaction (currently available only in China).

Oppo plans to conduct additional trials before the official product launch. The Air Glass 3 remains a conceptual introduction showcasing Oppo’s ideas and technological prowess.


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