Astronauts Absolutely Forbidden to Use Pencils in Space, Why Are?

In the space adventures of the past decade, a surprising detail is the absolute ban on astronauts using pencils during their missions. The reason behind this decision is not just a matter of microgravity but also safety and high efficiency in the challenging environment of outer space.

Fisher Space Pen

A primary issue with using pencils in space is that debris from the pencil can become a significant threat. Although these pencil fragments may seem small, mere specks of dust, they can have severe consequences for both astronauts and the equipment aboard the spacecraft. They can create risks of eye injuries, obstructed airways, and even the potential for explosions – a hazard that is unacceptable in the weightless environment.

In space, where traditional mechanisms do not operate effectively, to address this issue, researchers and experts have developed the Fisher Space Pen, created by entrepreneur Paul Fisher in 1965.

This pen is not just a simple replacement for pencils but an advanced innovation. It uses dense ink, is break-resistant, does not freeze at low temperatures, and has a specially designed structure to control liquids in microgravity.

Thanks to the Fisher Space Pen, astronauts not only have an effective writing tool in space but also ensure safety and high performance, crucial factors when undertaking critical missions beyond our planet.


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