Nvidia, Microsoft, and OpenAI collectively invest hundreds of millions of USD into a company specializing in humanoid robots.

In a new stride within the fourth industrial revolution, Figure AI, a startup focused on developing humanoid robots, has garnered significant attention and concurrent investments from leading global technology giants. According to Bloomberg, the company has successfully raised over $675 million, with a pre-funding valuation of approximately $2 billion.

robot Figure AI

Investment Partners: Figure AI has received robust support from top-tier investors, including Jeff Bezos through Explore Investments, Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI. Their interest not only reflects confidence in Figure AI’s potential but also serves as evidence of innovation in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Investment Breakdown: The list of investment partners for Figure AI is impressive, with substantial figures from noteworthy names such as Jeff Bezos’ Explore Investments LLC ($100 million), Microsoft ($95 million), Nvidia ($50 million), Amazon’s investment fund ($50 million), Intel ($25 million), LG Innotek ($8.5 million), Samsung’s investment group ($5 million), along with other key partners.

Objectives and Potential Applications: Figure AI aims to create humanoid robots capable of performing hazardous tasks and alleviating labor pressures. Specifically, their prototype robot, Figure 01, is expected to undertake repetitive tasks, reducing risks to human workers in hazardous work environments.

Market Potential and Competition: The substantial investment not only eases the labor burden but also helps small businesses adapt to an increasingly automated environment. In the face of rising competition, Figure AI competes with counterparts like 1X Technologies AS and Tesla, both aggressively advancing the development of their own robots.

A New Era for the Robotics and AI Industry: The substantial investment in Figure AI signifies not just confidence in humanoid robots but also heralds a new era in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry. This innovation promises to alter how we work and interact with machines in the future.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Bloomberg.


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