Review new AI Chatbot “Google Gemini” – Rebrand from “Bard”.

Google has officially rebranded the chatbot Bard as Gemini, marking a new phase in their AI technology development strategy.

Alongside the name change, Google introduced the paid service “Gemini Advanced” priced at $19.99 per month, providing users with access to advanced AI features.

Google Gemini Advanced review, Chatbot AI Google Gemini

Taking advantage of the vast Android user base, Google allows the installation of Gemini as the default assistant on phones, making it convenient for users to access and utilize advanced AI features.

The Gemini Advanced service is currently available in English in 150 countries and will expand internationally next week, including the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and additional support for Japanese and Korean. Users are also offered a free trial of the service for the first two months:

The renaming from Bard to Gemini signifies more than a mere change in nomenclature; it represents a new developmental stage in Google’s AI technology. Google aims to integrate AI into daily life in a practical and efficient manner, catering to the increasing demands of users.

Early experiences with Gemini Advanced: Google’s $20/month high-end AI chatbot competing with ChatGPT Plus?

Tech journalist Ryan Morrison from Tomsguide had initial experiences with Gemini Advanced, claiming its ability to directly compete with OpenAI’s most powerful AI model, GPT-4-Turbo. Morrison shared preliminary observations to address the question of whether Google’s latest AI can rival ChatGPT, especially the premium ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Google Gemini Advance vs OpenAI ChatGPT4

1. Programming Capability:

When facing a new chatbot, Ryan Morrison always assesses its programming capabilities, a crucial skill for artificial intelligence. Google has emphasized the excellent programming ability of the Gemini Ultra AI model. Morrison tested this by requesting Gemini Advanced to design a website. Although the results were not flawless, Gemini successfully generated a usable stylesheet and created a website to introduce a fictional TV show quite effectively.

2. Image Generation Capability:

Gemini Google Draw, Image Generation Capability Google Gemini

In image creation, Gemini Advanced utilizes Google DeepMind’s Imagen 2 model. While the chatbot doesn’t perform this task independently, its improved inference and understanding capabilities were evident. Gemini Advanced produced images on the theme of “Cats on the Moon” and even fulfilled more complex requests but struggled to maintain consistency.

3. Poetry Composition Ability:

In the realm of poetry, Gemini Advanced demonstrated the ability to “mimic” the style of famous figures like Shakespeare. However, when tasked with composing a poem about the battle between gaming systems, the initial result failed to mention specific gaming consoles. In a more challenging test, the chatbot successfully created an impressive poem but faced difficulties using common and creative language.

Overall Impression: Gemini Advanced shows significant potential in supporting programming and image creation, but adjustments are needed to achieve consistency and accurate user response. Compared to ChatGPT, Gemini Advanced lacks the same level of flexibility and strong user understanding.


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