Apple Plans to Unveil Foldable iPhone in September 2026?

According to exclusive information from Alpha Economic, Apple is gearing up to launch a foldable iPhone in September 2026, with an estimated sales target of around 50 million units worldwide in the first year.

The integration of a foldable screen marks a significant advancement as Apple aims to efficiently compete with Samsung in the foldable phone market.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Apple has strategically redirected manpower towards the development of the foldable iPhone. An anonymous official revealed to Alpha Economic that a considerable number of employees from the Vision Pro development team have been reassigned to this project.

iPhone Fold review

BGR acknowledges that the development of the Vision Pro glass is a substantial challenge for Apple and may require more resources than manufacturing a traditional foldable iPhone.

Earlier reports from The Information indicated that Apple is actively working on at least two foldable iPhone prototypes after over five years of research.

Based on rumors, the two foldable iPhone prototypes are described as clamshell designs, currently in the early development stage, and are not part of the mass production plans for 2024 and 2025. This implies that the devices could be introduced as early as 2026.

Apple is reportedly in talks with at least one supplier in Asia to secure components for the two foldable iPhone prototypes, each featuring different screen sizes. However, there are concerns that the project might face cancellation if it fails to meet Apple’s stringent standards.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Alpha Economic.


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