India Aims to Become the Global Hub for Semiconductor Manufacturing

On March 1st, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi affirmed that the South Asian country is accelerating its technological autonomy to ensure India becomes the global hub for semiconductor manufacturing.

This commitment was underscored by the government’s approval of the establishment of three semiconductor plants in India, announced under the “Development of the Semiconductor and Display Ecosystem in India” program.

Semiconductor India

These semiconductor manufacturing facilities will be constructed in Dholera (Gujarat), Morigaon (Assam), and Sanand (Gujarat). Prime Minister Modi, in a social media message, emphasized that this decision is a significant step towards achieving self-sufficiency and positioning India as a global center for semiconductor production.

Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, mentioned that the construction of the three facilities will commence within the next 100 days. He also stressed the importance of having a semiconductor manufacturing unit in the state of Assam, marking the beginning for the Northeast region of India.

The government’s decision has been well-received as it allows this region to have its first semiconductor manufacturing unit. Semiconductor products manufactured in Assam will be supplied to leading global automotive companies.

India announced the “Development of the Semiconductor and Display Ecosystem” program on December 21, 2021, with a total budget exceeding USD 9 billion. Expert opinions indicate that India’s semiconductor sector has made significant strides in a short period.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Techovedas.


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