Samsung’s Shape-Shifting Phone: Transforming from Smartphone to Smartwatch in an Instant

In a highly unique technological concept, Samsung has introduced a product that serves as both a phone and can be worn like a smartwatch. Alongside the innovative “Galaxy Ring” smart ring at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), Samsung unveiled another extraordinary product: a foldable phone capable of bending and being worn on the wrist.

Shape shifting phone samsung

Versatile Design: The showcased concept, named Cling Band, features a highly flexible OLED display, allowing it to function as a standard smartphone or adapt into a smartwatch when worn on the wrist. In its straight mode, the device resembles other smartphones on the market with a slim design, a borderless front display, and a rear camera. The device includes a USB Type-C port and external speakers at the bottom. The device’s midsection is designed with numerous small grooves to facilitate the flexibility of the display.

Transformative Functionality: When bent, the device takes on the appearance of an arched structure. On the back, alongside the camera, a system of heart rate sensors supports health-related features when the device is worn on the wrist, despite its somewhat unconventional look.

shape phone samsung

Currently, this is merely a concept aimed at showcasing the flexibility of Samsung Display’s OLED screen technology. One drawback of this concept is that health-tracking sensors won’t function in phone mode. Additionally, wearing the device during sleep may cause discomfort.

While serving primarily as a technology showcase, this concept undeniably demonstrates a significant advancement in OLED screen technology, bringing to life ideas that were once only part of human imagination.


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