Optimizing Job Search and Application Process with Simplify’s AI Technology

Simplify, an early-stage startup, is focusing on optimizing the job search and application process using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company, founded by W21 YC graduates, has just announced a $3 million seed funding round.

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Company CEO and co-founder Michael Yan, states that it’s high time we start applying for jobs more intelligently than we typically do today. “People are spending dozens of hours scrolling through job boards, finding opportunities, and often submitting hundreds of repetitive applications. At Simplify, we’re building what we like to call ‘an always-on AI career agent’,”

Simplify understands your career, educational background, skills, salary requirements, work-life balance preferences, and hobbies to help you find the most suitable jobs. You can take a quiz to assist AI algorithms in understanding your skills and strengths. This is particularly effective for individuals in technical fields with specific skills such as programming languages, accounting…

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With Simplify, you don’t need to repeatedly enter the same information; the tool automatically fills out applications on different job profiles quickly. Regarding job listings, it presents a series of matches scraped from the web that align with your skills and requirements. Alternatively, you can download the Simplify Copilot extension to automatically apply for jobs you find outside of Simplify.

The company intends to position itself as a separate tool from LinkedIn, emphasizing enhanced privacy as only potential employers can access your information.

The founders conceived the idea for Simplify a few years ago while still students, applying for hundreds of jobs and repeatedly filling in the same information. They believed there had to be a more efficient way and launched Simplify in 2021, joining the Y Combinator Winter 2021 cohort.

Simplify is considered a useful startup for both recruiters and job seekers, leveraging AI technology to optimize employment data. Currently, the company has around 10 employees and is in the ideation and testing phase. Today’s $3 million seed funding round was led by Craft Ventures with support from YC, Hyphen Capital, GFC, and several industry investors.

Note: This article utilizes information and images from Techcrunch and Simplify.


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