China Unveils First AI-Generated Animated Film, Blending Tradition with Technology

Beijing, China – The State-owned China Media Group recently showcased its groundbreaking foray into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing the world to its first-ever AI-generated animated film.

First AI-Generated Animated Film

In a ceremony attended by Mr. Shen Haixiong, President of China Media Group, and Mr. Dai Qionghai, Director of the School of Science and Technology at Thanh Hoa University, the pioneering animated creation was unveiled.

This AI-crafted animated film weaves together narratives inspired by over 200 classical Chinese poems, previously incorporated into China’s primary, middle, and high school textbooks. The film aims to promote the traditional culture and aesthetics of the nation, presenting a fusion of heritage and cutting-edge technology.

As part of the event, China Media Group also inaugurated an Artificial Intelligence Studio dedicated to researching and developing AI applications for audiovisual programs. During the ceremony, Mr. Wang Yanfeng, Assistant Director of the studio, expressed, “We initiated the animation production project six months ago. The film presented today is produced using vast datasets and employs AI technology to transform text into video.”

The official release of the animated film is scheduled for Monday, February 26, marking a significant stride in China’s exploration of the potential intersection between AI and creative expression.


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