8 Unbelievable and Peculiar Sights Revealed Through Google Earth

A remarkable collection of astonishing images has been unearthed through Google Earth, showcasing the program’s ability to provide unique perspectives of our planet. Google Earth, a computer program amalgamating all of Google’s maps, offers a 3D view of Earth, allowing users to explore new locations and experience a virtual journey. It provides features like viewing places, marking routes, weather data, and more, simply by entering location names, addresses, or coordinates. (Photo: Google)

1. Ancient Geometric Structures in Jordan: Google Earth has discovered a series of geometric petroglyphs estimated to be around 8,500 years old, scattered across the Azraq Oasis in Jordan in an east-southeast to west-northwest alignment. These structures may align with the sunrise during the winter solstice. (Photo: Google Earth)

google earth 3

2. Unexcavated Pyramid-Like Structure: A potentially unexcavated pyramid-like structure was identified through Google Earth imagery. However, debates persist regarding whether it is a natural or artificial structure, necessitating further excavations for clarification. Egypt has imposed restrictions on the scale and number of such excavations. (Photo: Google Earth)

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3. Enigmatic Star-Shaped Park in Kazakhstan: In the windswept steppes of Central Asia, a remote corner of Kazakhstan features a large, approximately 366m in diameter, five-pointed star surrounded by a circle. Initially thought to be linked to dark rituals and cults, it turns out to be the outline of a park formed as a star, marked by tree-lined pathways. (Photo: Google Earth)

google earth 7

4. Syrian Civil War’s Impact on Ancient City: The Syrian Civil War in 2013 posed a significant threat to hundreds of archaeological sites, including six UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country. Google Earth imagery vividly depicts the extensive damage, with ancient Roman cityscapes pockmarked since the onset of the conflict. (Photo: Google Earth)

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5. Mysterious Red Water in Iraq: Outside the city of Sadr in Iraq, at coordinates 33.396157° N, 44.486926° E, lies a water reservoir with an eerie blood-red color. An official explanation for this peculiar water coloration is yet to be provided. (Photo: Google Earth)

6. Billionaire’s Giant Name Carved on Island: Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan, a billionaire Sheikh and member of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, carved his name “HAMAD” into the sand of al Futaisi Island in the Persian Gulf. With a height of nearly 1km and a total length exceeding 3km, these letters may be the world’s largest. (Photo: Google Earth)

google earth 10

7. Shipwreck in Sudanese Coral Reefs: The SS Jassim, a cargo ship from Bolivia, ran aground on the Wingate Reef off the coast of Sudan in 2003. Stretching 81 meters, it stands as evidence of one of the most visible shipwrecks on Google Earth, located at coordinates 19°38’45.99″N, 37°17’42.17″E, though it has mostly submerged now. (Photo: Google Earth)

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8. Mysterious Triangular Lights in Australia: In Australia, at coordinates 30°30’38.44″S, 115°22’56.03″E, a peculiar triangular shape with bright spots appeared in the fields. Initially dubbed a “UFO triangle” by UFO researchers in 2007, it was later revealed to be an antenna array linked to a nearby remote-controlled wind farm. (Photo: Google Earth)

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