Samsung Mobile Division President: “We Will Set Global Standards for AI on Mobile Devices”

Samsung’s Mobile Division President, TM Roh, has expressed a strong commitment to shaping the future of artificial intelligence (AI) on mobile devices. In an interview in Singapore, Roh shared his belief that AI phones, such as the Galaxy S24 series, will be the future of mobile AI, promising to profoundly change how users interact with mobile technology.

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Samsung is not just focusing on hardware and innovative design; they are also emphasizing the direct integration of AI into the mobile experience. Roh emphasized that Samsung is actively monitoring and developing AI technology trends, evident in the establishment of Samsung’s AI Research Center with the goal of setting global standards for AI technology on mobile devices.

In fact, Samsung has been actively developing AI for several years, integrating AI-supported functionalities into their mobile devices. Roh stressed that Samsung is committed to staying ahead in AI technology through collaborations with partners and industry leaders.

The Galaxy S24 series, a result of years of effort and collaboration, is expected to deliver a unique mobile experience and enhance user interaction with technology.

TM Roh not only highlighted the generative capabilities of AI but also its pivotal role in reshaping daily lives. For Samsung, AI integration goes beyond improving mobile experiences; it fosters innovation and productivity.

Unique features on the Galaxy S24, such as Live Translate and Interpreter, were emphasized by Roh as examples of how AI can break communication barriers and facilitate more meaningful conversations.

Roh also shared insights into other distinctive features on the Galaxy S24, such as the Note Assist’s Summary function and the Transcript Assist in the Voice Recorder. These features leverage AI to allow users to quickly generate AI-assisted summaries for reference and handle tasks like note-taking, summarization, and translation of voice recordings.

In conclusion, TM Roh believes that the Galaxy AI series, starting with the Galaxy S24, will not only drive Samsung’s mobile strategy but also set global standards, leading the era of AI on mobile devices. He hopes that Galaxy AI will generate new demand through its superior user experience, marking a significant leap in the mobile AI landscape.


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