Nvidia CEO Warning: Children Don’t Need to Learn Programming, AI Will Soon Eradicate Coding Professions

Nvidia’s CEO has issued a warning that children don’t need to learn programming, as artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace coding professions. He advises people to shift their focus to learning other, more useful skills.

Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang

However, some experts believe that this statement is premature. At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, shared his candid views on discouraging children from learning to code, a statement that shocked many. He stated that their job is to create products that eliminate the need for programming, and even programming languages will become common commands from humans. According to Huang, anyone worldwide can become a programmer easily thanks to highly convenient and advanced AI tools.

Huang emphasizes that the most crucial role for humans, particularly future students, is to elevate their knowledge and skills from manual programming to higher fields such as biology, education, and manufacturing.

Nevertheless, some experts and industry directors disagree with this perspective. They argue that the complete replacement of coding professions by AI is a premature prediction. Despite new tools and languages emerging with the goal of killing off coding jobs, the profession remains important and continues to demand human contributions.

Reports also indicate that since the appearance of CHatGPT, the demand for software development jobs has increased, suggesting that the need for programming is still on the rise.

Note: This article utilizes information, images from Tom’s Hardware


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